Little Wanderer Vegan Dessert Co.

Raw. Vegan. Nut-based. Gluten Free. Refined sugar free. 

And F!%&ing delicious. Just for you, #YEG.


Edmonton's Favourite Vegan Desserts


Hello lovelies! This is Crystal, the soul behind Little Wanderer. I have a passion for making (and eating!) healthy sweets. My cakes are my personal canvas and art form. My heart and soul goes into making these beauties. I am continuously in awe of the versatility of plant-based food, and how it can taste amazing AND make you feel great.

I know the struggle that comes with sweets; the weight gain, the guilt, and the shame that comes with over-indulging. We should feel amazing (emotionally, mentally, and physically) when we eat what we love! When I found raw, vegan desserts I realized I could eat what I craved and feel amazing doing it.  Over time, this healed my unhealthy relationship with sweets, and I knew I had to share what I learned with the world. Thus, Little Wanderer Vegan Desserts was born. Since I've started, I've heard from many people; vegans and nonvegans, those who also struggled with sweets and those who just love desserts. The common message I hear is that, they love the desserts, but also appreciate that they feel great afterwards. Say goodbye to feeling heavy after indulging!

Nut-based, raw, vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free, and soy free. Available for orders in Edmonton, ALberta and area.

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Had these little delights at a market and came back for more. Word of advice... get extra if you plan on sharing.
— Rayann

Little Wanderer's Desserts

 Full size strawberry vegan cheesecake by Little Wanderer Vegan Desserts in Edmonton 

Full Size Cakes

I've repackaged the flavour of our mini cakes into two sizes of 9-inch cakes (tall and shorts) for those looking for even more delicious vegan dessert goodness. Made to order in any of our flavours! 

 Mini vegan cheesecake by Little Wanderer Vegan Desserts in Edmonton

Mini Cakes

The originals that started it all. Little Wanderer mini cheesecakes are perfectly portioned vegan desserts. Rethink what you know about vegan desserts; these are better than the "real" thing.

 Little Wanderer vegan energy balls comes in three flavours. Available in Edmonton Alberta.

Little Wanderer Energy Balls

Get energized! Our energy balls are not only packed with flavour, they'll give you sustained energy. Made with the same good stuff as our cakes, including cashews, almonds, dates, and much more. They're an excellent snack on hand for travel, exercises, or even just around the house. 


Not all pleasures are guilty.

Rethink dessert.

Caving to craving gives us immediate gratification, but this is almost always followed by lingering guilt and shame. That is a painful place to be; I’ve personally been there too many times. Little Wanderer’s vegan cheescakes and energy balls are here to change that. Little Wanderer’s desserts are…

  • Made with natural, plant-based sugars instead of refined sugar. Avoid the sugar crashes!
  • Made with raw, unprocessed ingredients like organic cashews.
  • Compatible with raw, vegan, gluten and dairy free diets.

Making healthier choices shouldn’t be a compromise. Love your body while loving your dessert too.


Friends of Little Wanderer


You'll find Little Wanderer in some of Edmonton's finest cafes and restaurants. You'll also see me and the cakes at markets and gift shows throughout the year. Catering options also available!

We were over the moon with these delicious cheesecakes! The flavors are so spot on and the presentation is absolutely stunning. You can really feel the love that was put into making each and every one.
— Amanda and Sabrina, Mala & Me